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HCT Bubble Cleanser 150ml

HCT Bubble Cleanser 150ml

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The HCT Bubble Cleanser is a soothing and moisturizing cleansing solution, perfectly tailored to the needs of acne-prone and sensitive skin. With carefully selected ingredients such as Heartleaf, Centella and Tea Tree grown directly in Jeju, this cleanser offers gentle but effective care.

The unique composition with salicylic acid helps relieve blemishes and helps soothe sensitive skin. The HCT extract provides intensive moisture and provides an immediate calming feeling. AHA and BHA, which are contained in the soft and dense foam and gently remove dead skin cells, ensure that the skin feels smooth.

Recommended: For acne-prone and sensitive skin types

facts and figures

✓ Contains Heartleaf, Centella and Tea Tree for soothing care

✓ With salicylic acid to relieve skin imperfections

✓ Gentle cleansing with AHA and BHA for smooth skin

✓ Hypoallergenic tests passed for sensitive skin

✓ Free from harmful ingredients

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