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Our goals


Mixsoon insists on minimalism.

We eliminate all ingredients that are unnecessary for the skin and focus on core ingredients.

Mixsoon contains only the necessary ingredients for your skin.

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Our goals

Ingredient Oriented

Ingredients are not all the same.

Just as coffee tastes and smells different depending on the coffee bean type and extraction method, ingredients are key to clean beauty and skincare.

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Our goals

clean beauty

We attach great importance to the fact that our products are not only of high quality, but also make our contribution to protecting the environment.

We work on eco-friendly packaging that is easily recyclable.

For example, soy ink is used for all lettering on our packaging. 90% of our glass bottles are made from recycled glass.

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environmental campaign

Mascot Soondy

Our adorable Soondy mascot was created with the clear aim of raising environmental awareness and providing protection for endangered polar bears.

For this reason, part of the proceeds from the sale of products with the Soondy logo goes to the organization "Friends on Earth, Environmental Movement Alliance".

This donation directly contributes to the protection of polar bears.

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Soondy edition

K Beauty Skincare Routine

Experience Korean beauty at its best with our K-Beauty Skincare routine.

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