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Vitamin C Powder 3g

Vitamin C Powder 3g

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  • Concentrated pure vitamin C in powder form for maximum effectiveness.
  • Prevents water weakening as it is water soluble.
  • Contains 100% EWG Green Ascorbic Acid for skin regeneration and strengthening.
  • Versatile DIY powder for optimal effects in various cosmetics.

Pamper your skin with the vitamin C powder from MIXSOON. This powder contains concentrated pure vitamin C to maximize effectiveness. Thanks to its powder form, the effectiveness of vitamin C is preserved without being affected by water. Regenerate your skin, repair damage and strengthen it with 100% EWG Green Ascorbic Acid. Versatility in various cosmetics allows you to slightly enhance the effect. Get the glowing complexion you deserve with Vitamin C Powder.

Recommended for: Dark, lackluster skin


Ascorbic Acid (100%)

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